Transforming B2B sales reps into AI driven sales ninjas
Increase revenue by $100k per rep per year & save reps 8 hours per week of manual labor

Turn email into actionable insights with Sales AI
Email is the #1 business communications tool, but no human is perfect in managing email chaos. creates instant actionable insights from email that proactively helps your sales team close more deals.
Increase sales rep revenue by $100k+ annually
We all accidentally miss emails. Lucy uses AI to track emails and alerts you or your team when deals are losing momentum. Lucy then delivers contextually relevant news and content so your reps always know what to say to progress the deal.
Improve the performance of your SalesTech Investments
Leverage the value of your existing CRM investments. Reps with save 8 hours per week in manual labor. Reps have more time to do valuable work and Managers are happy the CRM is always up to date.
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